Country Presentations

In order to provide in-country audiences with a clear, detailed understanding of the data in the Countdown country profile, Countdown has developed customized (and customizable) PowerPoint presentations for each of the 75 Countdown countries. These presentations can be useful both as an introduction to the Country Countdown process and as a way of introducing policy makers, media, advocates, and other stakeholders to a set of essential data on the country’s current situation with regard to reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health.

Each country presentation includes an introductory section with general information on Countdown to 2015. The central portion of the presentation is designed to acquaint audiences with all of the key data that appears on the country profile, along with a brief discussion of Countdown’s data sources. Each chart on the profile is presented on an individual slide, together with a brief explanation of the indicator presented. (For countries on which Countdown has conducted equity analysis, presentations also include a set of optional slides presenting detailed information on equity of coverage.) Finally, the last section of the presentation offers a brief introduction to the Country Countdown process.

All presentations include speakers’ notes to assist presenters in covering all key points, and can be customized or adapted by the presenter based on audience needs and interests, the country’s policy and program priorities, and the purpose of the meeting.

Please note that these presentations contain data from the 2014 Countdown country profiles. For some indicators in some countries, more recent data may have been released subsequent to the production of the 2014 Countdown profile; the presentation, like the profile itself, therefore may not include the most recent available data for all indicators. Rather, the profile and presentation provide an overview of the best and most current data available on key indicators as of the time that the 2014 profiles were produced.

Please note also that Countdown uses United Nations inter-agency estimates of maternal, neonatal, and child mortality, which may differ from mortality statistics that are produced and commonly used in-country. The UN inter-agency teams use national and other data sources and apply statistical modeling techniques in order to generate these mortality estimates, which are comparable across countries and can be monitored over time. In presenting to audiences that are already familiar with the country’s mortality statistics, or for whom the presentation of different mortality data may be confusing or controversial, presenters may choose to delete the slide (page 18 of the presentation) that presents the mortality charts.

Country presentations are available for the following countries: