The Country Countdown Toolkit

Country CD Guide frontpageThe Country Countdown Toolkit contains a comprehensive set of tools, publications, and guides that can be useful to countries considering, planning, or implementing a country-level Countdown process.

Country Countdown materials:

Countdown country data:

  • Countdown country profiles for all 75 Countdown countries, and How to use the Countdown country profile (also see this slide presentation)
    • The country profile is a crucial starting point for the scientific work of the Country Countdown, and profiles for neighboring countries may offer interesting points of comparison; the ‘How to use’ document and slide presentation offer guides to understanding the profile.
  • Countdown equity profiles for 58 Countdown countries (for which equity data was available as of 2012), and How to read the 2012 equity profile (also see this slide presentation)
    • In countries where it is available, the equity profile provides invaluable data disaggregating national coverage on socioeconomic, gender, and geographic dimensions, and provides an excellent starting point for the Country Countdown’s equity and sub-national analysis; the ‘How to read’ document and slide presentation offer detailed guides to understanding the equity profile.
  • Customized (and customizable) PowerPoint presentations for each of the 75 Countdown countries, with introductory information on Countdown, an introduction to the Country Countdown process, and detailed presentation of all data on the Countdown country profile
    • This presentation, with custom content based on your country’s 2012 Countdown profile, can be useful both as an introduction to the Country Countdown process and as a way of introducing policy makers, media, advocates, and other stakeholders to a set of essential data on the country’s current situation with regard to reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health.
  • Monitoring maternal, newborn and child health: understanding key progress indicators (Countdown to 2015, Health Metrics Network, UNICEF and WHO, 2011) — a report summarising opportunities and challenges to effective monitoring of 11 select, core RMNCH indicators selected by the Commission on Information and Accountability for Women’s and Children’s Health
    • This publication provides detailed explanations of 11 core RMNCH indicators (all of which appear on the Countdown country profile), and can provide guidance to countries seeking to improve the quality and availability of key data on outcomes and coverage.

 Global Countdown materials:

In addition, a wide variety of relevant materials — including all Countdown reportscountry profilesresearch papers, and briefing notes — is available on this website.