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Health service utilisation during the COVID-19 pandemic in sub-Saharan Africa in 2020: a multicountry empirical assessment with a focus on maternal, newborn and child health services

Amouzou A, Maïga A, Faye CM, Chakwera S, Melesse DY, Mutua MK, Thiam S, Abdoulaye IB, Afagbedzi SK, Iknane AA, Ake-Tano OS, Akinyemi JO, Alegana V, Alhassan Y, Sam AE, Atweam DK, Bajaria S, Bawo L, Berthé M, Blanchard AK, Bouhari HA, Boulhassane OMA, Bulawayo M, Chooye O, Coulibaly A, Diabate M, Diawara F, Esleman O, Gajaa M, Garba KHA, Getachew T, Jacobs C, Jacobs GP, James F, Jegede AS, Joachim C, Kananura RM, Karimi J, Kiarie H, Kpebo D, Lankoandé B, Lawanson AO, Mahamadou Y, Mahundi M, Manaye T, Masanja H, Millogo MR, Mohamed AK, Musukuma M, Muthee R, Nabié D, Nyamhagata M, Ogwal J, Orimadegun A, Ovuoraye A, Pongathie AS, Sable SP, Saydee GS, Shabini J, Sikapande BM, Simba D, Tadele A, Tadlle T, Tarway-Twalla AK, Tassembedo M, Tehoungue BZ, Terera I, Traoré S, Twalla MP, Waiswa P, Wondirad N,Boerma T. BMJ Global Health, 2022, 10.1136/ bmjgh-2021-00806

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