Session 136 Community approaches for increasing coverage of child health interventions: Malawi puts evidence to practice


Dr E.H. Benzerroug, WHO Representative, Mozambique


  • A brief introduction to community-based approaches to care for newborns and children
    Bernadette Daelmans, Medical Officer, Department of Child and Adolescent Health, WHO
    pdfDownload Powerpoint [PDF – 640.45 KB]
  • The Malawi experience managing childhood illness in the community
    Humphreys Nsona, National IMCI Programme
    Manager, Ministry of Health, Malawi
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  • Maximizing efforts at the community level, opportunities and challenges
    Mark Young, Senior Health Specialist, UNICEF
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session136bThe session discussed community approaches for increasing coverage of effective child health interventions. A brief introduction of WHO and UNICEF materials, Caring for Newborns and Children in the Community, will be followed by a presentation on Malawi’s health surveillance assistants program, highlighting the experiences of scaling up communitybased services with special emphasis on case management of sick children. A short video was shown.