122nd IPU Assembly

29 March 2010
Countdown to 2015, PMNCH, Inter-Parliamentary Union and Government of Thailand host Special Session and Field Trip

29 March 2010

In connection with the work to promote work to achieve improved maternal health and reduce child mortality, and achieve Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5.

This session will focus on what Parliamentarians can do to help to promote and achieve Millennium Development Goals 4 & 5 – to reduce child mortality and improvematernal health.  Every year, more than half a million women die from pregnancy-related causes, and more than 9 million babies and young children under 5 years die needlessly—largely from preventable causes with affordable solutions.  Bold, focused and co-ordinated action on reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health is urgently needed at global, national and sub-national levels to accelerate progress and save millions of women and child lives each year. An additional $US 30 billion from 2009-2015 are needed. It is estimated that action and commitment to 2015 could save:

  • 1 million women from pregnancy and childbirth complications
  • 4.5 million newborn babies
  • 6.5 million children from one month to five years of age

Parliamentarians are critical to widening the engagement of society in these critical issues and to raising and overseeing the resources required for action. We need to join hands to lead a social movement in which we all play our parts in promoting better health for women and children.

This session– open to all delegates – will provide examples of successful engagement by parliamentarians in overseeing supportive policies and investments. 

An address from the Director of PMNCH, Dr Flavia Bustreo,  will be followed by representatives from Thailand, Viet Nam and Zambia presenting country examples. A discussion will follow.

Organized by the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), the Countdown to 2015, the PMNCH and the Government of Thailand

“The Role of Parliamentarians in Achieving MDGs 4 & 5”