Catch up on Countdown’s Research at IMNHC 2023

Countdown researchers will present findings from the maternal newborn health (MNH) exemplars multicountry study and other projects at the International Maternal Newborn Health Conference (IMNHC) in Cape Town, South Africa, 8-11 May 2023.

Presentations Related to MNH Exemplars

A plenary on 9 May will provide an overview of the exemplar studies.

Click here to access the livestream and recording of plenary session.

Later in the day, a longer panel discussion will present the mortality transition model , present the data gaps and study methodology, examine inequities,  and discuss changes in intrapartum care across the seven case studies and contextual factors in India. Another panel on 11 May will discuss the exemplars’ findings related to family planning.

Research from Health Policy and Systems Data & Analysis Center

On 9 May, the Health Policy and Systems DAC will present How much do vulnerable groups count in the Global Financing Facility? Content analysis of stillbirths, and maternal-newborn investments in policy documents for 10 African countries. On 10 May, they will talk about a maternal and perinatal audit system in South Africa.

Targets and Metrics

A 10 May panel about the targets set for Ending Preventable Maternal Mortality (EPMM) and the Every Newborn Action Project (ENAP) will include Countdown researchers.

Country collaborations

A 9 May poster presentation will describe mixed methods research to understand the reduction in under-five mortality in Zambia. This relates to the country collaboration in Zambia which was also described in the data uptake series.

Read new data analyses prepared for the IMNHC 2023.