Country Profiles for 2022 to be released on February 9

On February 9th Countdown 2030 and the Paternership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (PMNCH) will release new country profiles for 2022, with a webinar to present the latest findings. To register for the webinar, click here and enter your details. For the first time, some regional data will be presented, in addition to the country level data.

The equity profiles, the reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health (RMNCAH) national and regional profiles, and the childhood development profiles have been updated with 2022 data. The 90-minute webinar will include a question and answer session as well as a brief discussion of each the various profiles, as well as some strategies as to how to use the information in the profiles for actions and decision-making.

The RMNCAH country profiles are presented as a 3-page document, with a bonus fourth page. The first page of indicators all focus on women’s, children’s, and adolescent health, with an added angle of maternal mortality and neonatal rates. This data, combined with demographic data from across the county allows for a comprehensive look at how this data maps across the country. The second page looks at nutrition and coverage, and looks at if the coverage is equitable as well. The third page gives a glance at the drivers of said coverage – a look towards more policy and financing data. On the bonus page there is a visualization of the causes of deaths in the countries, which is also separated by age range.

The speakers will include:

  • Aluisio Barros of the International Center for Equity in Health at the Federal University of Pelotas
  • Ties Boerma of Countdown to 2030 and the University of Manitoba
  • Claudia Cappa of UNICEF
  • Theresa Diaz of the World Health Organization
  • Cheikh Faye from Countdown to 2030 and the African Population and Health Research Center
  • Helga Fogstad from PMNCH
  • Jennifer Requejo of Countdown to 2030
  • Linda Richter from the University of Stellenbosch