Urban Health Study Recommends Implementation of the Patient-Centered Care Approach in Maternal and Neonatal Health Servicess in Ouagadougou’s Slum Areas

Improving quality of care in healthcare facilities is essential for reducing maternal and neonatal mortality. Yesterday, we shared Ouagadougou Urban City Study findings on Maternal & New-born Health with representatives  from the Ministry of Health, health facilities, community among others.

The study aimed at assessing the quality of maternal and newborn health services available to the city’s women, and to evaluate their experience & satisfaction of care when accessing health services.

This study shows that there is a major gap in the quality of care available to women living in Ouagadougou’s slum areas. This gap entails both the operational capacity of maternal and neonatal health services and women’s positive experiences of childbirth care.

The study recommends to the Ministry of Health to among others to initiate and accelerate the implementation of the patient-centered care approach in maternal and neonatal health services.

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