Video Tutorial: Concentration Index of Inequality

When assessing inequalities between subgroups, we’re often interested in relative measures of inequality. The simple relative measure is the ratio, in which we divide group one by group two. But what if we have more than two subgroups, and we want to consider all of them in our relative measure? One approach is to use the concentration index (CIX), a complex relative measure of inequality that describes how concentrated an outcome is in each subgroup.

In this 5-minute tutorial, Leonardo Ferreira, a researcher from Countdown’s Equity Data & Analysis Center and the International Center for Equity in Health at Pelotas University in Brazil, explains when CIX can be used, how to calculate CIX using Stata software, and how to interpret the results.

To download the CIX command, enter this line in Stata:

net install cixr, from(“”)

More information is available on the Equity DAC page.