Webinar: Geospatial data, methods and tools


In this webinar, Andy Tatem, Natalia Garavito, and Winfred Dotse-Gborgbortsi from WorldPop at the University of Southampton present an overview of available resources for incorporating geographical data into evaluation of reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health and nutrition (RMNCAHN).

Outline of the webinar, by time [minute:second]

[1:23] Overview of WorldPop at University of Southampton

[4:12] Mapping populations by age and sex

[9:39] Mapping pregnancies and births

[12:10] Mapping access to health services

[22:44] Indicators: mapping RMNCAH service utilization

[26:03] Advocacy, engagement and capacity strengthening

[27:50] Datasets, tools and background materials

[34:39] Questions & answers

Another helpful resource is the BMJ Global Health journal supplement published in February 2020:


Other WorldPop webinars are available here: https://www.worldpop.org/webinars