Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) Regional Network Initiative

Based at the Federal University of Pelotas in Brazil, the International Center for Equity in Health (ICEH) was a key partner in Countdown 2015 and continues to lead the Equity research for Countdown globally, in-country and now regionally as the lead and coordinating institution of the LAC Regional Network Initiative.

The main goals of the LAC regional network are:

  • Capacity building towards monitoring, with a focus on equity, and including coverage, policies, programs and financing, with priority given to high burden countries.
  • Coordinating country case studies, with priority given to high burden countries.
  • Coordinating thematic studies on issues recognized as especially relevant for the region, or lacking in the literature.
  • Offering technical support to research colleagues across the region that want to do their own studies or monitoring exercises
  • Creating long lasting collaborations between the participants of the capacity building activities and the monitoring and evaluation studies

LAC Regional Network Activities

Haiti Report Summary

Haiti Country-Case Study on Maternal and Child Health 1990-2018 The LAC Regional Network conducted two year in-depth study in Haiti to measure the progress and understand the challenges towards the Sustainable Development Goals on maternal and child health. The study aimed to comprehensively assess the progress made in both coverage...

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Multi-country Secondary Analysis of Ethnic Disparities

As a result of the two workshops described above, the LAC regional network has initiated two studies. The first was a multi-country study on reproductive, maternal and child health (RMNCH) comparing ethnic groups in LAC, with focus on indigenous and Afro descendant populations. The percentage of indigenous populations in LAC...

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