Countdown to 2030 is working in Ethiopia through two funding mechanisms: the Global Financing Facility (GFF) and Exemplars in Global Health. The Countdown to 2030 collaboration in Ethiopia through GFF includes Ethiopian Public Health Institute, the University of Manitoba, and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. It will focus on RMNCAH-N in the context of existing health sector plans and support country decision-making with through analyses of progress and performance towards national and local targets. The Countdown Exemplars study in Ethiopia is a partnership between Ethiopian Public Health Institute, the University of Manitoba, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and the African Population and Health Research Center.



CC: matthew.tempest via Flickr/Ethiopia

Ethiopia was selected for the Exemplar study because it achieved a major decline in maternal mortality, and to a lesser extent in neonatal mortality from years 2000-2019. Ethiopia’s decline outpaced the decline in neighbouring countries in Eastern and Southern Africa, considerably reducing the gap for both maternal and neonatal mortality. In addition, good data and supporting analysis exists; five national surveys  have been conducted since 2000; a wealth of research has taken place; a Countdown country case study was published in 2016, and a child mortality Exemplar Study was recently completed. Since Ethiopia has decentralized health system, and considerable geographical disparities exist between regions in mortality levels and reductions, it provides an opportunity to learn more lessons from subnational approach.

Health Sector Transformation Plan - HSTP I (2015/16-2019/20) is ending and the country is in the midst of developing another national health strategic plan for the next 5-years (HSTP II 2020/21 - 2024/2025). The Ethiopian government, through the Ministry of Health, which serves as the Secretariat of the HSTP, periodically tracks progress in key HSTP indicators including RMNCAH+N indicators, which form more than half of the overall set of indicators and targets. Other national strategic plans include the Information Revolution Roadmap developed in 2016 – one of the four transformation agendas of the health sector – which aims at advancing the methods and practices of collecting, analyzing, presenting, and using information, guides the generation and use of data for decision making at all levels of the health system, including the  implementation and monitoring of RMNCAH+N interventions.

The Global Financing Facility investment case for Ethiopia has been approved and implemented since 2017, was  fully integrated into the HSTP I and will also be integrated into the HSTP II. Within the GFF investment case, Ethiopia periodically tracks progress for key indicators using existing surveys and health information reporting systems. Therefore, ongoing review of RMNCAH+N indicators remains critical to informing planning and implementation of RMCAH+N interventions.

Outputs, Products, Programs

The country collaboration funded by GFF will include:

  • Analytical end-line review of the HSTP I, a comprehensive report on the progress and performance during the HSTP I.
  • Thematic in-depth assessment of levels and trends in RMNCAH+N indicators, with a focus on equity in based on the household survey data.
  • Technical inputs to develop an analytical report for annual reviews of HSTP-II in 2021/22.
  • A suite of analytical methods and tools for the Ethiopian Public Health Institute and the Ministry of Health analytical team to use for future analysis of and reporting on national and subnational performance, using DHIS2 and other data in the context of health plan reviews.
  • National and subnational statistical profiles, fact sheets, and policy briefs.
  • Scientific publications and reports

The maternal and newborn health Exemplar study will employ a mixed methods case study approach that is consistent across the seven Exemplar countries.

Ethiopia Countdown Team

Tefera Tadelle
Ashenif Tadele
Geremew Gonfa
Theodros Getachew
Lars Åke Persson
Neil Spicer
Tanya Marchant
Dessalegn Melesse
Ties Boerma