The Countdown to 2030 country collaboration in Liberia includes the Ministry of Health, Family Health Division; National Public Health Institute of Liberia; the University of Liberia, Institute for Population Health; Global Financing Facility; and London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.It aims to strengthen the analysis and synthesis of health data to inform national and local reviews of progress and performance in the context of Liberia’s national health plans and  Liberia RMNCAH Investment Case for reproductive, maternal, newborn, child and adolescent health and nutrition (RMNCAH+N). The core analytic team will be led by the University of Liberia and the Ministry of Health with technical support from LSHTM and APHRC to strengthen analysis and synthesis of routine health information system, population survey, and health facility assessment data.


CC: United Nations/ Students of the Herman Gmeiner School in SOS Children’s Village, Monrovia, play on a swing set during an outreach event by the UN Mission in Liberia (UNMIL).

Starting in 2016, the Government of Liberia and partners have been implementing the Liberia Investment Case for Reproductive, Maternal, New-born, Child, and Adolescent Health, the country’s first GFF investment case. During the last quarter of 2020, the Ministry of Health will lead the process of reviewing and revising the RMNCAH Investment Case to set the strategic RMNCAH priorities for the next five-year period.

Through the Countdown to 2030 collaboration, the Ministry of Health has been working with the other partners to assess progress in achieving the result indicators outlined in the investment case and inform the development of the second investment case.


Outputs, Products, Programs

  • In-depth analysis of three decades of Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) data from 1986 to 2020, to be written up as a peer-reviewed publication.
  • In-depth analysis of Service Availability and Readiness Assessment (SARA) and any other available health facility assessment data.
  • Further analysis of routine DHIS2 data and triangulation with other data sources, focused on county-level progress and challenges.
  • Analytical report summarizing all findings to inform the prioritization and results framework for the second RMNCAH investment case.

Liberia Countdown Collaboration Team

Elise Karmbor-Ballah
Geetor Saydee
Alfred Tarway-Twallah
Bentoe Tehoungue
Mardieh Dennis
Carine Ronsmans
Oona Campbell
Kerry Wong