During 2020-2022, there was Countdown to 2030 country collaboration in Tajikistan which included the University of Central Asia, the Aga Khan Foundation Tajikistan, the Aga Khan University in Pakistan, and the Centre for Global Health at the Hospital for Sick Children in Canada. It supported Tajikistan’s annual national plan review process through collaboration with the ministry of health and other relevant partners and highlighted opportunities to accelerate progress in order to achieve Sustainable Development Goals 2 and 3.

CC: happy.apple via Flickr/ Tajikistan

Tajikistan’s Ministry of Health is currently developing its 2021-2030 National Health Strategy in collaboration with the World Health Organization and other developmental partners. The ministry conducts annual reviews of their strategy. The Global Financing Facility investment case for Tajikistan is still under development, with the Country Platform being launched virtually in April 2020.

The Countdown country collaboration will conduct rigorous analysis of existing data from all relevant data sources, including national Demographic and Health surveys, other national and subnational surveys, data from DHIS2 and the HMIS system, and service availability and readiness (SARA) surveys. These analysis will be used to obtain a picture of progress and performance of the RMNCAH+N indicators and targets. This will involve in-depth analyses to obtain answers on subject areas that are relevant to the national plan, investment case, or both and will go beyond the core set of indicators of the national plans. The RMNCAH+N review will take place within the overall health sector review, given the country’s focus on achieving universal health coverage. This analysis will be accompanied by an evaluation of key drivers of change over time, including policies and programs, health systems inputs, and health financing.


Outputs, Products, Programs

Expected products from the country collaboration will include:

· In-depth analyses of priority topics and opportunities for Tajikistan to reach its SDG 3 and 2 targets

· A scoping review of scientific and grey literature to understand Tajikistan’s RMNCH, Nutrition and Adolescent activities/progress from 1990 to 2020.

· At least one analysis workshop for academics, government officials, and civil society to share and discuss methods and findings

· An annual report of the investment case for the ministry of health and development partners

· At least 2 analytical papers or reports on critical topics, of which at least one should be submitted to a peer-reviewed journal

· Communication materials such as statistical profiles, policy briefs, presentations, and media briefs in relation to the analysis results as relevant

Tajikistan Countdown Collaboration Team

Lailo Kurbonmamadova
Roman Mogilevskii
Jai Das
Hammad Durrani
Dan Fridman
Emily Keats
Zulfiqar Bhutta