Technical Review and Working Groups

Countdown is founded on the principles of independent, multi-institutional research and analyses that forge scientific consensus on recommended policies and programs. The CD2030 research agenda is driven by a Technical Review Group (TRG) that oversees the work of three Technical Working Groups: Coverage, Equity and Drivers.

The TRG ensures that all CD2030 analyses and products are of high quality and rigor, and that CD2030 technical work continues to ‘innovate’ the field. To preserve the independence and technical integrity of Countdown analyses, the TRG is responsible for final decision-making on the technical content of CD2030 outputs. The TRG consists of representatives from each of the Technical Working Groups, the Profile Development Team, the regional collaborating networks, and other technical experts in RMNCAH plus nutrition.

Each of Countdown’s three Technical Working Groups (TWG) play an integral role in the technical review process of indicator selection and production of Countdown synthesis reports and annual profiles for the 81 Countdown countries. In addition, each TWG is implementing their own research portfolio:




Cross-Cutting Working Groups & Activities