Cross-cutting Working Groups

In addition to the Technical Review Group and the 3 core technical working groups (coverage, equity and drivers), Countdown has established several cross-cutting working groups and collaborations that address the expansive agenda of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). The groups are described briefly below.

Effective Coverage: This group focuses on improving the measurement and monitoring of effective coverage and quality of care.

Joint Informal Working Group on Nutrition Metrics: This group includes experts working on improving measurement of nutrition programs, nutritional status indicators for women and children, and other nutrition related interventions.

Conflict and RMNCAH and Nutrition: Led by faculty at American University of Beirut and Aga Khan University in Karachi, this group is collaborating with the Conflict consortium on a set of case studies, and on improving measurement of RMNCAH in conflict affected settings.

Health Facility Survey Data: This group is expanding the data sources typically used for Countdown analyses to include health facility surveys, particularly for the multi-country and individual country case studies.

Adolescent Health: This group works closely with the Lancet Standing Commission on Adolescent Health and is focusing on analyses related to the sexual and reproductive health and nutrition of adolescent girls.

Early Childhood Development: Countdown has forged a strong collaboration with the early childhood development community, and is working with them on the development of early childhood development specific country profiles.

Countdown 2030 / PMNCH Working Group on Health Financing:  This group was established to enhance accountability for women’s children and adolescents’ health by improving the tracking of financial resources at global, regional and country levels.  Learn more here.

Cross-cutting Activities

Countdown to 2030 aims to improve monitoring and measurement through the activities of all the technical and cross-cutting working groups. The main monitoring outputs include the country profiles and the global reports. Measurement is an increasingly important aspect of the Countdown to 2030 workplan. More information on Countdown’s role in improving measurement for women’s, children’s and adolescents’ health can be found here.