Countdown investigators have organized and contributed to a number of journal supplements, which are listed below. These supplements and the individual papers may also found by searching the publications database.



  • Optimising Child and Adolescent Health and Development – Arguing that global progress on child health had stalled even before the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted services, the series highlighted the need for greater integration and implementation of evidence-based interventions across health, education, and social systems. Learn more.


  • Health facility data to monitor national and subnational progress – Published in the journal Health Services Research, the group of 10 articles and two commentaries was the culmination of work that began with four multi-country workshops organized by Countdown and the African Population and Health Research Center (APHRC) in 2018, then expanded to include more than 150 analysts and 40 countries, with collaboration from the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF and the West African Health Organization. Learn more.




  • Maternal and child undernutrition progress The three new papers and one commentary in this Lancet series added to previous series that were published in 2008 and 2013 and set forth a global agenda for reducing undernutrition. The series concluded that maternal and child undernutrition remained a major global health concern, and raised concerns that the COVID-19 pandemic may have undone recent gains. Learn more.





  • Measurement of reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health and nutrition The six-paper series introduced new and improved measurement frameworks and measurement methods, as well as critical assessments of evidence based on current measurement approaches.  Published in BMJ Global Health, the areas of focus included advancing the measurement and monitoring of effective coverage, inequalities in the  continuum of care, policy and systems factors such as governance, early childhood development, nutrition, and conflict settings.  Learn more.