Coverage is at the foundation of the Countdown approach. Countdown to 2030 tracks and reports on progress in achieving high, equitable, and sustained coverage for interventions across the continuum of care (from pre-pregnancy, through pregnancy, childbirth, and the early days and years of life) that are proven to reduce mortality and improve health among women, children, and adolescents in order to stimulate action and hold countries and their partners accountable to their Sustainable Development Goal commitments.

The selection of coverage indicators to assess progress requires a systematic approach that captures all population groups through nationally representative data as well as all stages of the RMNCAH and nutrition continuum. Although only a core set of proven indicators are analyzed, the continuum of care framework allows a careful assessment of how well countries are progressing on the delivery of proven interventions and reaching a large portion of their population in need of these interventions.

Through the Coverage Technical Working Group, Countdown to 2030 is working on improving measures of effective coverage, which capture information on the quality of services provided. The working group also stresses the importance of counting the actual number of people in need of services that receive (and do not receive) them to highlight the impact of population changes on health systems.

Countdown’s Coverage Technical Working Group aims to ensure that measures of coverage reflect the best available indicators and data, reported in standard and transparent ways across countries and over time.  The coverage data used to construct Countdown’s reports and profiles can be downloaded here.

In addition to providing analyses for the Countdown Reports and associated Country Profiles, the Coverage Technical Working Group conducts secondary analyses and provides technical support to the regional networks.

CD 2030 Coverage Technical Working Group: Published Research

Publications (including articles, reports, country profiles and briefs) will be posted on this page as they are published.

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