Countdown to 2030 (CD2030) seeks to continue the best practices initiated under Countdown to 2015. As the accountability field for women’s, children’s and adolescents’ health has grown and strengthened, CD2030 continues to contribute innovative measurement research and insightful analyses to provide an evidence base for smart policy making and financing by compiling, publishing, and reporting on critical data that indicate country progress — or lack of progress — in providing equitable coverage of effective health interventions for women, children and adolescents. CD2030 reports on information that is reliable, comparable across countries and time, nationally representative, clear and comprehensible by policy makers and program managers, and routinely available.

Countdown’s list of priority countries has expanded to include 81 countries that account for 90% of all child deaths and 95% of all maternal deaths. CD2030 reports and country profiles are tools that can be used by all stakeholders — internationally and at the country level — to advocate for action  on women’s, children’s and adolescents’ health and to hold governments accountable for fulfilling their commitments.

CD2030 is a multi-institutional partnership and is pleased to work closely with leading women’s, children’s and adolescents’ health accountability initiatives, including: the Partnership for Every Woman and Every Child; the Independent Accountability Panel, the Health Data Collaborative; the Global Nutrition Report and the Global Financing Facility for RMNCAH.

Countdown to 2030 Objectives:

  • To strengthen and expand databases, data platforms and tools to help guide countries’ monitoring and management of their RMNCAH plus nutrition programs. Learn more about the most recent Countdown profiles here.
  • To provide technical analyses and support to countries on effectively prioritizing areas and activities for their participation in the Global Finance Facility. Learn more about Countdown’s measurement agenda here.
  • To strengthen platforms at the regional and country levels to support increased South/South collaboration, and the building of Countdown countries’ own capacity for the collection, quality assessment, analysis, and use of data related to their RMNCAH plus nutrition policies and programs. Learn more about Countdown’s regional initiatives here.
  • To support key audiences, including decision makers, civil society representatives, advocates and the media, to have the evidence-based tools and messaging they need for effective advocacy efforts aimed at improved monitoring and management of their countries’ RMNCAH plus Nutrition programs, e.g., through targeted health care spending, legislation, policies and other actions. Learn more about Countdown’s reports and publications here.