2010 Photo Gallery

Please find below the photo galleries from each session as they become available.

The photographs in these Countdown to 2015 Sessions at Women Deliver June 2010 Washington were taken by:

Samuel Herd\Women Deliver

Jacqueline Toupin\PMNCH 
You can find more photographs from the Women Deliver Conference at: www.womendeliver.org.

Session 104

Dr Franca (Brazil), Neeru Gupta (WHO), Dr Pate (Nigeria), Dr Islam – moderator (WHO)

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Session 124

Dr Graham (Aberdeen), TBC, Dr Boerma (WHO), Dr Victora (Brazil), Dr Kirkwood (LSHTM)

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Session 136

Dr Daelmans (WHO), Dr Nsona (Malawi), Mark Young (UNICEF), Moderator Dr Benzerraoug (WHO Mozambique)

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Session 200

Flavia Bustreo (PMNCH), Zulfiqar Bhutta (Aga Khan) , Anthony Lake (UNICEF) , Tessa Wardlaw (UNICEF) , Jennifer Bryce (St Johns Hopkins), Peter Berman (World Bank)

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Session 206

Dr Horton (Lancet), Dr Kirkwood (LSHTM), Dr Lawn (SNL/STC), Dr Althabe (ICEFHP), Dr Shankar (Harvard)

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Session 223

Peter Berman (World Bank), Karin Stenberg (WHO), Stan Bernstein (UNFPA), Catherine Pitt (LSHTM)

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Session 238

Nejmudi Kedir Bilal (MoH Ethiopia), Agnes Soucat (World Bank), David Collins (MSH), Karin Stenberg (WHO)

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Press Conference

Yves Bergeron (UNICEF),  Zulfiqar Bhutta (Aga Khan), Elizabeth Mason (WHO), Joy Lawn (SNL/STC)

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