Session 104 Human resources for maternal, newborn and child health: from global reporting to improved local performance and health outcomes


Monir Islam, Director, Making Pregnancy Safer, WHO


  • Overview of the 2010 Countdown findings on human resources opportunities and constraints
    Neeru Gupta, Demographer, Health Workforce
    Information and Governance, WHO
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  • Using strategic information and investment to improve availability of skilled providers in underserved areas of Nigeria
    Dr Muhammad Ali Pate, Executive Director, National
    Primary Health Care Development Agency, Nigeria
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  • Health workforce planning and development to improve MNCH outcomes in Brazil
    Dr Adson França, Coordinator of the National Pact for the Reduction of Maternal and Neonatal Mortality, Ministry of Health, Brazil
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session104The panel reflected on the current state of knowledge and situation of human resources for maternal, newborn, and child health (MNCH); shared experiences and lessons learnt by countries in addressing challenges in human resources for MNCH; and catalysed ideas for innovative solutions and informing the way forward for improving human resources performance for better MNCH outcomes.

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