National data on coverage levels often hide important disparities among population subgroups. Inequities in health have several dimensions, including socioeconomic position, gender, place of residence, and ethnic group.  Mothers and children belonging to disadvantaged groups are less likely to receive essential preventive and curative interventions, and as a result show higher morbidity and mortality.

Improving equity will be essential for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. Countdown aims to promote universal health coverage, ensuring that disadvantaged groups are not left behind.

The Countdown to 2030 Equity Technical Working Group carries out analyses of survey datasets from the 81 priority Countdown countries, and provides breakdowns of key nutrition and reproductive, maternal, newborn, and child health indicators, according to different dimensions of equity including wealth quintiles, woman’s education, woman’s age, sex of the child, urban/rural residence, and region of the country. The technical working group is also preparing analyses where feasible on ethnicity, migration, wealth deciles, disability and double disaggregation (i.e., involving two stratifiers such as the urban poor).

Equity profiles

As a supplement to the Countdown Reports, the Equity Technical Working Group produces equity profiles containing additional information on selected maternal and child health indicators.  The profiles present the Slope Index of Inequality and the Concentration Index for each health indicator, as well as a variety of charts including the coverage gap by wealth quintile, coverage levels for selected interventions along the continuum of care, and the percentage of children aged 1-4 years according to the number of key child-survival interventions received, by wealth quintile.

The equity data used in Countdown to 2030’s reports, country profiles, and equity profiles can be downloaded here.

The equity profiles dating back to 2010 and the data used to produce them under Countdown to 2015 are available for download.

CD2030 Equity Technical Working Group Published Research



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